About Filigro

Filigro came into existence during May 2007 when a law firm needed bridging finance for its clients during conveyancing transactions. For the first few years it only provided funds for one law firm whilst increasing its capital base. From 2009 it commenced with providing bridging finance to other law firms and enjoyed strong and continued growth. As the need for more structured finance increased, it ventured into this domain. Currently we are able to provide a number of structured finance options, customised specifically for each client’s needs, e.g. trade/business finance, import/export finance, finance for farmers’ assets.

Over the last 4 years, we ventured and expanded further into project financing, assisting property developers to expedite their building work and selling their stock faster than before. This reduces the time frame of many projects and developers realise profits from projects sooner. Even after the point where commercial banks become involved, certain phases in projects are being expedited, making use of our facilities.

Lastly we are providing business finance during the various phases of a business development, whether it is “seeding” finance or when the need to expand or re-invent exists.

Meet Our Team

Henty Smal

Managing Director


Legal processing, payments, collections, record keeping, client liaison


Admin, client liaison, payments




General admin