• We advance up to 80% of the surplus proceeds of the sale of a property transaction.

  • Rates and Taxes advanced.                      Sellers often do not have the required cash flow to settle their                                                                                outstanding rates account at local authorities to obtain rates                                                                                  clearance certificates.

  • Transfer duty advanced.                          Purchasers’ cash / equity is often tied up in their own linked sale and                                                                      they require cash to pay transfer duty where they bought.

  • Proceeds from a further loan, switches. Banks are seldom prepared to release funds prior to registration of a                                                                      mortgage bond. We advance funds during the waiting period for bond                                                                    registration.

  • 80% of Agent’s Commission.                  Estate Agents often need cash flow while they wait for their sales to                                                                     get registered.

  • Trade / Business finance

  • Import / Export finance

  • Finance for farmers assets